Charles didn't consent to being used in this card, but I have a hunch he would have approved of that Santa hat. We'll never know. (want more?)
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Darwin Claus
4.25" x 5.5" cards with envelopes
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"Last year you had to spike my eggnog. This year, just send me an unholiday card..."

-- Cute blonde evolutionary biologist, Cambridge, MA

"Santa Darwin convinced me to stop eating babies."

-- (former) Baby-eating Pagan, Newton, MA

"Santa Darwin convinced me to stop eating Christians who think Pagans eat babies."

-- (former) Christian eating Pagan, via the Internets

"I did not consent to having my portrait on this ridiculous greeting card."

-- Charles Darwin, Kent, England

"Ho, ho, ho!"

-- Santa Claus, North Pole

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